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Records Division


The Records Section is responsible for compiling, maintaining and disseminating information from Department records concerning criminal and traffic reports.

The Records Section provides information in reference to Background Checks and Incident Reports/Traffic Crash Reports. The Records Section staff also provides copies of reports as requested.

Copies of Reports

The fees charged for copies of documents shall comply with fees approved by Florida Statute, F. S. 119.07(1)(a).

Within the first 60 days following a traffic crash reports will only be made available to the persons involved and their official representatives. A valid photo identification is required when picking up reports. After the initial 60 days the traffic crash report is considered public record. Standard copy fees apply to all traffic crash reports.

If a juvenile is listed in an incident or traffic crash report the parent or legal guardian must present a valid birth certificate or other court document identifying the person as the juvenile’s legal guardian. No juvenile information will be released without proper identification.

Fifteen cents (.15) a page for one sided copy up to 14 X 8 1/2

Three dollars ($3.00) for traffic accident reports

How to obtain a copy of a report -

Send written request to            Palatka Police Department
Records Section
110 North 11th Street
Palatka, Florida, 32177

Or, you may call the Records Section at (386) 329-0115. Depending on the nature of the police investigation, reports may be available in as little as two days.  When requesting a report, you must specify on your request if you wish to pick up the report at the station or have it mailed to you.

Criminal Information

The Records Section controls the release of information regarding persons who have been arrested by the Palatka Police Department.  There are 3 ways to receive local arrest information:

1. You may call the Records Section at (386) 329-0115

2. You may fill out a request form at the front desk at the station.
3. You may write to the Palatka Police Department Records Section

To obtain a statewide criminal history you must contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) at (850) 410-8109, or visit their web site.

Juvenile Records

Any cases prior to October 1, 1994 involving juvenile defendants are available by court order upon a showing of good cause. Any cases which occurred after October 1, 1994 are available for disclosure if the defendant has committed a felony or has been convicted of three misdemeanor offenses.  All victim information would be excised from the report.

What Records are exempt from disclosure?

This is a complicated and ever changing area of the law.

Florida State Statute 119.07 provides for several exemptions.  Some of general categories of exemptions include:

1. Investigative information on open criminal investigations.

2. Criminal intelligence.

3. Any information including photographs, name, address, or other facts or information which reveal the identity of the victim of the crimes of sexual battery, lewd, lascivious, or indecent assault upon or in the presence of a child, child abuse, or any sexual offense.

4. Juvenile crime victim information.

For additional exemptions, you may refer to Florida State Statute Chapter 119.07.

Additionally, the Records Section personnel direct all incoming switchboard calls to their proper location within the Palatka Police Department.

The Records Section is operational 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Listed below are specific services provided to the public with their associated times and fees:

Fingerprinting for
(Picture ID required )
Local Criminal History Checks
(Picture ID required)
no fee
Concealed Weapons Permit Package no fee
Concealed weapons permit fingerprinting $10.00
Alarm Registration Refer to Alarm Ordinance Page